Our Team

Kevin Jones
Blue Wire Founder, San Fransisco 49ers Podcaster

Kevin Jones has crisscrossed the country covering local sports working as a reporter, blogger and broadcaster for CBS Washington D.C., the Cleveland Browns and KNBR in San Francisco. KJ saw a gap in the sports audio market to create an expansion team, and thus, Blue Wire was born. The Kevin Jones Podcast is a deep dive into the San Francisco 49ers using predictive analysis and his extensive background covering the NFL. KJ currently works as a media strategist for a big tech firm in Silicon Valley.

Jack Settleman

Jack Settleman is the founder of Real_Sports, the most engaged sports Snapchat with Over 1 Million followers. His favorite teams include the Ravens, Knicks, and Texas Longhorns.

Bryan Perez
Bears Podcaster

Bryan Perez is a Chicago Bears expert who has covered the team and the league on a multitude of platforms. He is currently an editor at The Bears Wire of USA Today and a contributor at With the First Pick. Chicago Shuffle encompasses all things Bears and breaks down all the major storylines following the team.

Ben Cruz

Ben Cruz is a lifelong wrestling fan who has produced and contributed to a number of online platforms. He previously worked with Uninterrupted, Bleacher Report, Warriorsworld; and is currently the producer of Blue Wire podcast Light Years. As a co-host of wrestling podcast It Doesn’t Matter What Your Podcast Is Called, Ben gives listeners insight into the wrestling world.

Eric Crocker
Press Coverage Podcaster

Eric Crocker grew up in Stockton, California and he’s had a deep passion for football his entire life. Eric played at Modesto Junior College for a year, before receiving a scholarship to play at the University of Arkansas-Monticello. After stints in both the NFL and AFL, Crocker began mentoring and coaching young football players, specifically defensive backs. His Press Coverage Podcast focuses on the play of wide receivers and defensive backs in both college football and the NFL.

Andrew Bailey
NBA Podcaster

Andrew Bailey is a lifelong NBA fanatic who graduated from University of Wyoming College of Law in 2018. Andrew contributes to Bleacher Report and Forbes Sports while also working as an attorney at a Wyoming based law firm. Andrew is the co-host of the Hardwood Knocks Podcast, which dives into the broader NBA landscape and gives a deep analysis of each and every team.

Dan Favale
NBA Podcaster

Dan Favale graduated from Saint Joseph’s College in 2011 and has been working as a writer, editor, and content strategist ever since. He has contributed to sites such as NBA Math and Bleacher Report. Along with Andrew Bailey, he is the co-host of the NBA podcast Hardwood Knocks.

Ted Nguyen
Oakland Raiders Podcaster

From high school teacher, to part-time blogger, to universally admired football mind, Ted Nguyen's rise in the sports media landscape has been riveting. Ted is currently a staff writer covering the NFL for The Athletic and his educational film breakdowns continue to teach fans more about the complex sport of football. Ted's Coffee House Stunt will focus on the Oakland Raiders and other happenings around the league. 

James Jones
Bay Area Podcaster

Bay Area native James Jones is a former Super Bowl champion wide receiver turned broadcaster. He currently works as an analyst for the NFL Network. James played college football at San Jose State University and was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the third round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He retired from the NFL after playing nine seasons, eight with the Green Bay Packers, where he won Super Bowl XLV in 2011. He was a member of the Oakland Raiders in 2014. In those nine seasons, he totaled a career 5,861 receiving yards, 433 receptions and 51 touchdowns. Jones finished his career in Green Bay, becoming 10th in Packers history in career catches, 12th in receiving yards and 9th in touchdowns. He was inducted into the 2018 SJSU hall of fame. James went to Gunderson High School in San Jose where he met Fallon Smith in 1998, and they’ve been friends every since. Doing a podcast together was a no brainer.

Fallon Smith
Bay Area Podcaster

Fallon Smith, a Bay Area native and UCLA alum, is a 3x Emmy Award winning Sports Anchor/Reporter/Host. She has over a decade of experience covering professional and collegiate sports. She was most recently with NBC Sports Bay Area, reporting on the Raiders for 5 years, along with anchoring/hosting studio shows, and helping with Warriors coverage. After graduating from UCLA in 2006, Fallon worked at the Tennis Channel and KTLA. In 2008 she packed up and moved to Wyoming for her first real on-air gig where she was a “one-man band” and eventually became the first women in Wyoming history to win Sports Anchor/Reporter of the year. In 2011, she packed up again and moved further east to Knoxville, TN where she covered the SEC, before making it back home to the Bay in 2013. Fallon is pumped to team up with her childhood friend James Jones. The two went to Gunderson High School together in San Jose and have been KEEPING IT 300 ever since. KEEPING IT 300 is a podcast where sports meets pop culture and realness.

Sam Esfandiari
Warriors podcaster

Sam Esfandiari is a lifelong Warriors fan who has written at Warriorsworld among other sites.  You can follow him on twitter @SamEsfandiari for thoughts (and jokes) re: the NBA

Andy Liu
Warriors podcaster

Andy Liu is a recovering beat writer from warriorsworld.  His work has been features on Warriorsworld, GoldenStateOfMind, HardwoodParoxysm and many other sites.  You can follow him @AndyKHLiu on twitter for the jokes

Pete Zayas
Lakers Podcaster

Pete Zayas is a high school basketball coach turned writer, blogger, and podcaster. He created the YouTube channel Laker Film Room to break down the ins and outs of Lakers basketball. Together with Darius Soriano, the LFR pod is dedicated to helping Laker fans experience the team on a deeper level.

Darius Soriano
Lakers Podcaster

Darius Soriano is a diehard Los Angeles Laker fan who is committed to providing in-depth analysis of the Lakers’ on-court product. He is the founder and owner of Forum Blue & Gold, an online forum for Laker fans to share their thoughts and opinions on the team. Together, Darius and Pete Zayas co-host the Laker Film Room podcast and are dedicated to the study of Laker basketball.

Chris Biderman
49ers Podcaster

Growing up in Northern California, Chris Biderman has been a lifelong 49ers fan. When his dreams of being a professional athlete were dashed, he turned his love for sports into a writing/reporting career. After graduating from Ohio State, Chris eyed a return to California. Now, Chris covers the 49ers as a beat writer for The Sacramento Bee. Alongside his co-host Kyle Madson, Candlestick Chronicles provides unique access and perspective on the San Francisco 49ers.

Ricky O'Donnell
Chicago Bulls Podcaster

Ricky O’Donnell has been a Bulls fan his entire life and has seen the ups and downs of the storied franchise. He is currently a college basketball editor and an NBA assignment editor for SB Nation. As an emotionally fragile Chicago sports fan, Ricky co-hosts the Cash Considerations Podcast to bring fans analysis and coverage of all things Bulls .

Jason Patt
Chicago Bulls Podcaster

Jason Patt grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has been a lifelong Chicago sports fan. After attending University of Illinois, he turned to sports writing and has been doing that ever since. He contributes to a variety of sites, as he puts his love for the Bulls and Chicago sports to good use. Jason co-hosts the Cash Considerations Podcast and gives a diehard fan perspective of the Bulls’ franchise and their future.

Burgundy Blog
Redskins Podcaster

Redskins research, for fans of the truth.

Justin Rowan
Cavaliers Podcaster

The second most disappointing Canadian to ever be associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Justin Rowan is a lifelong basketball fan with a passion for both the Cavs, as well as the growth of the game in Canada. Fueled by a strong belief that sports coverage should remain entertaining, as well as a desire to highlight all of the great things the NBA has to offer. Host of the Chase Down Podcast, as well as a writer for Fear the Sword and Hoops Habit.

Jordan Zirm
Cleveland Browns Podcaster

Jordan Zirm is a sports writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from University of Missouri, Jordan began writing and working in sports. He has contributed to ESPN Cleveland, SBNation, Bleacher Report and serves as a producer for The ThomaHawk podcast. His podcast The Rebuild dives into the week-to-week happenings of Cleveland Browns football.

Carter Rodriguez
Cavaliers Podcaster

Carter Rodriguez is a lifelong Cavaliers fan that is perpetually stunned that anybody might be interested in what he has to say. For his day job, he works as a Broadcast Producer at Blizzard Entertainment covering esports. You can find his written work at FeartheSword.com, or on Twitter at @Carter_Shade. When he's not working or talking about the Cavaliers, Carter hangs out with his wife, dog, and cat and thoroughly enjoys his time doing that too.

Jake Burns
Browns Podcaster

Jake Burns is a lifelong football aficionado having played quarterback through his college years and coaching the game once his playing days were done. He covers the Browns for 247 Sports’ The Orange and Brown Report and Cleveland.com, blending the X&O side of the game with his analysis. The Browns Film Breakdown provides an in-depth of analysis of the on field product in Cleveland.

Ben Dowsett
Utah Jazz Podcaster

Ben Dowsett is a Utah native who graduated from the University of Utah in 2011. He has written for a variety of outlets and currently writes at Forbes Sports, covering the Jazz and NBA. Sharp Notes brings a unique perspective and real-time analysis of Jazz hoops.

Jordan Reid
The Draft Board Podcaster

Jordan Reid is a gridiron junkie who has covered the NFL and NFL Draft on a variety of platforms. Jordan is currently an analyst for The Draft Network and is the self proclaimed the 33rd best GM in the NFL. His Draft Board podcast provides analysis of team specific draft news, prospects and coverage of everything going on throughout the league.

Brandon Thorn
Trench Warfare Podcaster

Brandon Thorn is one of the great football minds in the industry. His expertise focuses in on the play of the offensive and defensive lines. Brandon has contributed to a variety of sites including The Athletic, The Scouting Academy and USA Football. His Trench Warfare podcast is for coaches, players, and students of the game who have an interest in what happens down in the trenches.

Kyle Madson
Sports Humor Podcaster

Kyle Madson has been a Bay Area sports fan his entire life. Kyle has contributed as a producer, co-host, and editor at a variety of sites. He currently lives in Sacramento and is the Managing Editor of The Niners Wire at USA Today. Kyle provides a deeper look into the 49ers as a co-host of the Candlestick Chronicles Podcast.

Greg Mroz
Content Editor/Producer

Greg Mroz joins Blue Wire as a content editor & producer. He has an extensive background as a play by play broadcaster in minor league baseball, having working with affiliates of the Seattle Mariners and Milwaukee Brewers. A Bay Area native, Greg has also worked as a fill in broadcaster with USF Dons Athletics. While Greg considers himself an aficionado of all sports, baseball has been his life and believes strongly in small ball and the art of the proper waste pitch.

Jack Griffith
Content Editor

Jack Griffith is from Akron, Ohio. He currently attends Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY and where he studies journalism and plays safety for the football team. He also writes for Marist Center Field, a school newspaper. Once he graduates he has aspirations of attending law school and watching the Browns win the Super Bowl.

Joel Roy
Marketing Strategist

Joel joins Blue Wire as a Marketing Strategist. He is a marketing leader with a proven track record of success spanning digital marketing. This San Francisco native holds degrees from CSU Chico and Saint Mary’s College. Joel is a diehard Bay Area sports fan who lives in San Jose and works in marketing for a Silicon Valley based company.

Meredith Kain
Content Producer

Meredith is a 10-year veteran in sports radio, and has done everything from producing, to hosting, to reporting. She has covered the NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA Tour, and college sports. Meredith is a proud alumnus of Virginia Tech, and as a die hard hockey fan and native of Washington, DC, she’ll keep reminding you that the Capitals are 2018 Stanley Cup Champions.

Alex Uplinger

Alex Uplinger is a beer and chicken wing connoisseur from Washington, D.C. He is an avid sports fan and a fairly unsuccessful degenerate gambler. Will he ever see the Nationals win a playoff series? Probably not. You can follow him on Twitter: @Alex_up7 for mediocre takes.

Jovan Buha

Jovan Buha is a Los Angeles native and a University of Southern California alum. Jovan has covered the Clippers for the last eight seasons and is currently a beat writer at The Athletic covering the Clippers. His previous stops include ESPN, Fox Sports, and ClipperBlog.

Gabriella Digiovanni

Gabriella Digiovanni is currently a sports reporter and show host for the Big Ten Network. Throughout her career, the Ohio State grad has worked for multiple teams and organizations as an on-air reporter. Her deep love for sports can be seen in her Press Pass Podcast, which she co-hosts with Kayla Anderson.

Kayla Anderson

Kayla Anderson grew up in Spokane, Washington and has had a passion for sports ever since she was a little girl. After attending Washington State University and working closely with their athletics, she began her career as a sports and news reporter. After crisscrossing the country she ended up in Nashville, Tennessee where she is an Emmy winning sports reporter at the local ABC station. The Press Pass Podcast takes a deeper dive into the sports world with special guests every week and Kayla’s co-host Gabriella Digiovanni.

Mason Ginsberg
New Orleans Pelicans Podcaster

Mason Ginsberg has been a lifelong sports fan and in 2010 he put his knowledge to use and began writing. Mason graduated from Tulane University in 2010 and got his MBA from the University of Texas in 2015. He has written for multiple sites including Bourbon Street Shots. In the N.O. dives deep into the New Orleans Pelicans and the league as a whole.

Kane Pitman
Bucks Podcaster

Kane Pitman was born and raised in Australia and in 2001 he fell in love with the Bucks after watching them in the playoffs halfway across the world. He began a career as a sports writer and recently moved to the United States to cover the Bucks in Milwaukee. He has contributed to The Pick and Roll, ESPN Australia, and the Herald Sun Sport. As a co-host of Gyro Step, Kane brings a different perspective on the Bucks.

Ti Windisch
Bucks Podcaster

Ti Windisch is a Wisconsin native and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 2017 with a degree in journalism. Ti has made a career as a writer, editor, and host on a variety of sites and outlets. As a co-host of Gyro Step, Ti brings a local perspective on the Bucks.

Richie Randall
Hornets Podcaster

Richie Randall graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, before receiving his teaching credential from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Richie blogged for Queen City Hoops for a couple of years before beginning his career as an elementary school teacher in Charlotte. He is also one of the three co-hosts who break down Hornets hoops on the Buzz Beat Podcast.

Spencer Percy
Hornets Podcaster

Spencer Percy is a former high school basketball coach, turned sports blogger and writer. Spencer owns the Queen City Hoops blog, which strives to provide in-depth analysis of all things Hornets. As 1/3 of the Buzz Beat Podcast, Spencer brings a unique flavor as an ex-coach.

Brian Geisinger
Hornets Podcaster

Brian Geisinger resides in Raleigh, North Carolina and graduated from North Carolina State University in 2013. He currently works for ACCSports.com as a data journalist. His extensive experience in sports media allows Brian to bring a unique perspective to the Buzz Beat Podcast.

Mo Dakhil
Blue Wire Buckets Podcaster

Mo Dakhil graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006, where he also worked as the head manager for the basketball team. After working as a video coordinator for the LA Clippers for a few years, he founded The Jump Ball. Mo currently is a mainstay on the Blue Wire Buckets Podcast and a podcast of his own with Blue Wire is in the works.

Anthony Donahue
Knicks Podcaster

Anthony Donahue is a New York City native and is a diehard New York sports fan. He is a contributor to ESPN New York and an on air host at SportsNet New York. Anthony’s 33rd & Seventh Podcast features premier guests and exclusive access to Knicks content.

Kyle Crabbs
Dolphins Podcaster

Kyle Crabbs graduated from Penn State University in 2011 and has since turned his knowledge and love for football into a career. Kyle is an analyst for The Draft Network and a writer for USA Today’s Dolphins Wire. Fin It To Win It chronicles the Miami Dolphins and gives fans an in-depth look into the team’s rebuild.

Tyler Haag
Vikings Podcaster

Tyler Haag lives in Minnesota and is a lifelong Vikings fan. Tyler has worked as a writer and editor on multiple sites and is currently a contributor at Vikings Territory. Tyler is a co-host of the Bleeding Purple Podcast which provides fans with all the Vikings news and analysis they could ask for.

Adam Patrick
Vikings Podcaster

Adam Patrick is a longtime Vikings fan and has been covering the team since 2013. He has worked at a number of sites including The Viking Age and NFL Spin Zone. His in depth knowledge of the Vikings is evident in the Bleeding Purple Podcast.

Kyle Maggio
Knicks Podcaster

Kyle Maggio is a Connecticut native and attended Western Connecticut State University. He is currently the Head of Business Operations and the Social Media Manager at The Knicks Wall. Kyle is also the co-host of The Knicks Wall Podcast which attempts to make sense of Knicks basketball one episode at a time.

Aaron Wilson
Texans Podcaster

Aaron Wilson is a longtime football writer/reporter who has gone around the country before ending up in Houston. He has covered several NFL teams and is currently the Houston Chronicle beat reporter for the Texans. His exclusive access to the team makes his Texans podcast H-Town Huddle a must listen.

Michael Peterson
Chargers Podcaster

Michael Peterson has been a ‘football guy’ his entire life and even played tight end at Drake University before graduating from the University of Iowa. Michael is the Deputy Manager for SB Nation’s Bolts from the Blue. His unique access combined with his playing experience makes his Chargers podcast Powder Blue Review a must listen.

Jacob Kniffen
The Uncontested Podcaster

Jacob was born and raised in Oklahoma City, where he still lives. He has a degree in History Education from the University of Central Oklahoma.He has worked on multiple Thunder blog sites and podcasts since the team's first season in Oklahoma City. When he isn't watching hoops or playing pickup ball at the gym, he is most likely slaying monsters in his Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Kamiar Mehrabian
The Uncontested Podcaster

Kamiar is from Moore, OK and graduated with a degree in history from The University of Central Oklahoma in 2014. He now is receiving his M.A. from The University of Oklahoma in May of 2018. He is also a contributor for Rufwriters.com. Kamiar has been an OKC fan since the Hornets were playing with CP3 & David West. He is still camped out on Waiters Island.

The Uncontested Podcaster

Nick is from Owasso, OK and is a recent 2017 graduate of Oklahoma State University. He got a dual degree in Petroleum Geology and Business Management. He currently resides in Dallas and is working for an oil and gas company in the area. He was a ball boy for the Thunder as a kid and his favorite Thunder player is Hamidou Diallo. Nick can shoot a free throw better than Andre Roberson.

The Uncontested Podcaster

Justin grew up in the OKC metro. After earning a degree in Graphic Design, he moved to the Dallas area where he currently works at a marketing agency. Justin was a graphic design intern for the Thunder back in 2010, where he shook Sam Presti's hand, hung by the water cooler with Rumble, and almost ran over Clay Bennett. He still misses Brian Davis.

Tayler Peterson
The Uncontested Podcaster

Tayler is from Owasso, OK and is a recent 2017 graduate of the University of Tulsa. He currently resides in Tulsa with his wife. Tayler is a cofounder and contributor for an OKC Thunder, NBA, and pop culture podcast called The Uncontested, part of the BlueWire Sports Podcasting network. He also is a contributor for Dunked on Wolves, a part of the Fansided network. Tayler has been a Thunder fan ever since he attended the inaugural Thunder game in 2008, and a basketball fan since he was four years old.